Iron Banner feels impossible as a solo Diamond+ player.

My anecdotal data does not match yours.

Diamond III IB (according to DTR website), played 2 games so far this week both solo:

Game 1:

Game 2:

More importantly, assuming your reddit name is also your gamertag, which seems likely, your own anecdotal data doesn't match your premise:

Played 7 games, lost 2... IB feels "impossible"? Doesn't compute.

Based on looking at your personal stats versus your win/loss, I'd say its pretty likely you're playing very suboptimal Control.

Your personal stats in terms of KD are universally significantly better than mine while at the same time your win % is universally worse. It is common for people in that situation to blame teammates for not doing anything while you are busy "slaying out" but a lot of the time the person "slaying" out is actively harming their team by playing Control very badly (while still collecting 30-50 defeats with a good KD).

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