NSW records 233 new COVID-19 cases, man in his 20s dies

What's not a thing?

Morrison was the one that jumped the gun and opened eligibility before the medical advice agreed with him. Being told you are eligible by the government, and being told you are eligible by the body accredited to provide medical advice are two different things. Going off Morrison's word prior to ATAGI advice was and will remain an irresponsible course of action.

The advice as of 21 July confirms use of AZ for this age group under the current extreme circumstances but retains its significant caveats on the risk presented to the 18-39 cohort. It does not suggest the risk is any lower, but the risk of Covid is now higher, so the equation has changed.

Anyone who has presented or been diagnosed with what are extremely common thrombosis illnesses are advised not to get the AZ vaccine.

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