Isn't it odd that nearly all the sages of all the ages explicitly teach oneness, and yet Jesus and the Buddha teach oneness only covertly and at root? The great majority of their followers are left misinterpreting the real message, and end up believing in otherness. I believe this is the intention.

Thank you for the words, and I understand why you feel that way about the concept of inter-dimensional beings and the reality of Christianity.

At this point, I'm honestly pretty convinced Christianity is unfolding, but the specifics I'm not nearly so sure about.

As for my at first glance wildly crazy and batshit insane idea that aliens seeded life on planet earth, I'd have to ask why humanity - if life started on its own on earth and then set forth on an unguided journey of evolution - would spiritually imprison itself. Presumably we would have had to advance so far in science and technology that we acquired proof of the non-dual nature of reality. And then, at some point, those in control agreed to somehow reset our civilization and shield these scientific and technological advancements from the bulk of the new population? But why would we do this? It's implicit in this narrative that humans lived for quite some time without enlightenment. So why would we go back if we already experienced it?

So, for me, the reality of Christianity seems to suggest the existence of an alien presence. And all the evidence that is out there leads me to believe the aliens here are extradimensional.

I know how absolutely crazy that sounds, I know, but what if we've been programmed into this knee jerk reaction? Isn't this possible?

If you're curious about the New World Order, but currently unsure whether it's just crazy nonsense or actually worth looking into, I'd suggest to first go through the material on all the (in my opinion, blatant) shooting hoaxes, ISIS, 9/11, Boston Bombing, etc. which be found midway through my blog.

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