Daily Thread - Lore Thursday [SPOILERS AHEAD]

So, I just want to make something clear. There is a fan theory that has been around since the dawn of this game that Jaren Ward is Dregden Yor, and this has been perpetuated for months on end. However, this has been shown, time and time again, to be false. The newest Grimoire Card, Thorn 3, pretty much confirms this. In the list of associations (used when filing something away, tags if you will.) there are several names. Jaren Ward, Shin Malphur, Dregden Yor, and one erased name "[REDACTED]" (showing that this is blacklist information by.. whoever wrote it.)

Now, this shows to me by all feasible logic that Jaren Ward is not Dregden Yor, for the reason that the file lists [REDACTED] to be Yor's original name, alongside Ward's.

This theory has long since been a thorn in my side, as most people on this subreddit are seemingly intelligent people, yet this crackpot theory has stuck. It's time to put this little idea to bed, for it has been refuted by the grimoire time and time again.

Now then.

The timeline (As known so far)

  • Jaren Ward visits the town of Palamon, meets a young Shin Malphur.

  • The man who became Dregden Yor visits Luna/the Moon, seeming becomes corrupted by the Hive, recalls the bones in a conversation with three unknown men. Falls to the Darkness.

  • Dregden Yor murders Thalor in a Crucible match.

  • The town of Palamon is burned down.

  • Some years later, Malphur is travelling with Ward, hunting for Yor. Ward sets off on his own after Yor in the early hours of the morning, getting off the first shots, but being quickly ended by Thorn. Malphur inherits both The Last Word and Ward's Ghost, becoming a guardian by proxy.

  • An unknown amount of time passes, and Malphur faces Yor, ending the hunt.

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