I agree I do think ITV has a diversity problem and ticks boxes HOWEVER I Cannot stand Rachel, the woman is bitter AF and has made a career out of moaning and complaining about LI (all 4 days of it lol) for the past 7 months just like Shannon has, despite her saying after the reunion in september she was ''over it'' and done talking about it, thats all she bangs on about, shes bitter af and easy knowing she was in it for the fame, Georgia lasted less than a day and went back to her old job quietly and did social media and has become an icon and everyone loves her, thats what Rachel should have done alone with Shannon, Rachel also publicly shit on Laura on the same podcast saying shes a shit presenter and only got the job cause of Ian despite praising her previously, she's an anti vaxxer, claims she was bullied, that she was set up by ITV , etc etc etc there's always a new story with rachel daily despite her being there for 4 days, she needs to get over it, my god shes bitter af and unprofessional, her view here is valid but I just dont like her , which is hard for me to say cause I LOVED her while she was on the show wad gutted to see her go but her behaviour post LI has been attrocious, she needs to grow the fuck up and move on,

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