"I've tracked every penny I've spent for the last 6 years — here's the biggest lessons I learned"

I got lucky finding mine too. I saw a sign for a CPA office in my neighborhood. Called and explained the type of business I was starting to the person who answered. Made an appointment and met him in person. He understood everything I was saying, didn't treat me like an idiot (even though I was very green), gave me very clear instructions on what to do next. He came to my home office and taught me how to use Quickbooks. FOR FREE. Because me keeping good records makes my tax return much easier for him. I appreciated his "keep it simple" attitude, it matches mine. That was 19 years ago, been working with him ever since.

So I guess the answer to what questions should you ask:

  1. Are you familiar with my line of work?

  2. How much do you charge for one tax return. Approximate is ok. What affects the cost of the tax return? (Mine costs about $550, for a sole proprietor return.)

  3. How much do you charge for consulting throughout the rest of the year? (My accountant charges nothing, I can call or email questions anytime for free)

  4. How would you want me to keep my records? What would you expect from me in general?

The answers are important, but also the attitude and personality are important too. I appreciate my accountant's attitude about the IRS. He'll be straight with me if he thinks I'm doing something wrong. But he also knows when it's ok to be a little loose. He knows what the IRS will notice and what they won't. I guess the best part about it is the peace of mind. I know I don't understand the details of tax codes, but I feel confident that my accountant does.

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