Jaded with education, more Americans are skipping college

Redditors think that everything should just be given to them. Like a degree is just a piece of paper to get them the job where they work at home 4 days a week. They don’t think that anything is worth working for and anyone who does is a boomer or a zombie or something. School is way too expensive but younger people aren’t interested in the trades or doing anything else to improve themselves or make a future for themselves. I’ve been seeing articles about how gen z is so technologically ignorant that it’s causing problems in the workplace. They don’t care enough to know how to use the devices that they’re surrounded by everyday. I guess their goal is to raise everything to a “living wage” which they’re now saying is no longer a dollar amount but an abstract idea. But they don’t want to do these jobs. Or get an actual education that requires work. I can already see the replies about CAPITALISM but the thing is, humans have always had to things in order to survive, also called work.

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