James Corden Says Axed Kanye West "Carpool Karaoke" Cost 'Late Late Show' $45K After West Cancelled Three Times

I'll concede that I mistook the VMA's for the Academy, and I didn't know that Beyonce won Video of the Year. Even then, the man had a point that if she won Video of the Year then how could she not win Best Female Video? At that point, he's defending art and hard work, of which he was right according to that very award show.

He should have saved his fit until seeing who won Best Video of the Year. Interrupting Taylor Swift was idiotic and indefensible and you know it because you're not stupid.

And you completely dodged any of the other points I made. How was saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people" not advocate for blacks and instead for himself?

You know he said that while everyone else on the show was trying to raise money for blacks, right? They were advocating for blacks and other victims of the hurricane. He made it about himself. There's a time and a place, which he doesn't seem to get.

And saying you would've voted for Trump, and not voting, isn't inherently evil/selfish? He, like many of us, was disillusioned by the establishment and felt like his vote didn't count (i.e. the DNC rigging the primary in Hillary's favor). He even said he liked Trump's campaign but Bernie's politics.

He criticized black people for not voting and then didn't vote. Again, indefensible. And if you think Trump is a less corrupt politician than Clinton or even the DNC, I have a bridge to sell you.

Look into Trump's treatment of blacks, including being accused of discrimination in housing, his PR campaign against the Central Park Five, and his rhetoric against Barack Obama. Advocating for someone so clearly racist against his own people is sickening.

Now you're against capitalism?

No, I'm against massive hypocrites. I know I don't have to buy his t-shirts. We're talking about the shit he does outside of his music, which the person you originally replied to made perfectly clear. Talent is not a defense against being an asshole.

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