James Harden's disappearing act in another playoff fourth quarter is so on brand it's painful to watch

The Raptors last year were a better team around Kawhi than Harden has ever had and their success this year without Kawhi should prove that. Lebron has played with prime Wade, prime Bosh, prime Kyrie, a still very good Kevin Love, and now a prime AD.

Harden has had 33-34? Year old CP3, Dwight Howard who was not a good fit and refused to PnR, and now Westbrook who is probably his best running mate so far. Capela, Tucker, Covington, EG are solid role players but that’s literally the best role players he’s had.

Garden’s playoff averages with the Rockets are like 30/8/7 on 59 TS%. I’m not saying he’s better than Lebron or Kawhi but I still refuse to believe that he isn’t capable of winning a championship. Having to go against prime Warriors and KD Warriors and preforming in all of those series shouldn’t be some huge knock against him. He’s had one bad game this series against the Lakers while getting double teamed every time he touches the ball. I blame Dantoni more than anyone for not making the proper adjustments

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