Jim Clark sped to 25 race wins in just 45 race finishes, the quickest driver to reach the milestone. We clearly didn't see enough of the legend.

Winklehock a name in haven’t heard in generations. How’s the lad? He appearance in that 07 race was brilliant.

My list:

  1. Sir Lewis Hamilton

  2. Micheal Schumacher

  3. Niki Lauda

  4. Aryton Senna

  5. Alain Prost

  6. Sebastian Vettel

  7. Fernando Alonso

  8. Kimi Räikkönen

  9. Mika Häkkinen

  10. Juan Manuel Fangio

  11. Jim Clark

  12. Sir Jackie Stewart

  13. Nigel Mansell

Other great champions or would have been champions(I am also fans of them but did not make into my list).

  1. Jenson Button

  2. Graham Hill

  3. Damon Hill

  4. Keke Rosberg

  5. Nico Rosberg

  6. Giles Villeneuve

  7. Jacques Villeneuve

  8. Sir Sterling Moss

  9. Mark Webber

  10. Felipe Massa

  11. Alan Jones

  12. Didier Pirroni

  13. John Surtees (motorbike racing legend as well)

  14. Phill Hill

  15. Jack Brabham

  16. Alberto Ascari

  17. Mike Hawthorn

  18. Bruce McLaren

  19. Nelson Piquet

  20. James Hunt

  21. Jean Alesi

Pending to get into my list:

  1. Max Verstappen( most definitely in somewhere in the future)

  2. Charles Leclerc

  3. George Russell

  4. Lando Norris

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