Joey Bada$$ / B4.DA.$$ / State of HIPHOP review

No that is not the way it is going that is the way that people are forcing it to go by supporting ass artists shoveled down our throat by powers that only care about audience trends. I dk what the hell Atlanta has anything to do with the conversation, besides the fact that if you asked the majority of the people that started this music if they wanted (everyone in atlanta collabing together regularly) to be the face of it... they would probably frown. And I know there are subgenres, but for argument sake, you know what I meant. I meant the infamous question... "What Should IT sound like", like there would be (this Hip Hop/ and everything else and below that branched from it) Everyone talks about it, that is all I am trying to discuss. But IMO the only people that care about "Atlanta dominating the mainstream" is Atlanta. Not to sound ignorant. You ask any of the well respected artists, radio hosts (Sway), producers, or label runners about it, I wonder what they would say. And to say that it doesnt matter what they think wont even make any sense because they are the ones that were here before all of this became THIS.

and thats my problem if i cant tell any mainstream artists apart? I think you are missing my point. I should be able to turn on the radio and hear 10 different voice. Even if they have the same style, you should be able to tell that they are doing their own thing to it. If I cant pick you out of a lineup by your voice then what the hell are you doing with your music. I shouldnt have to google your ass and read your wikipedia, and friend your damn Facebook page to find out who the hell you are these days. That just says to me you are not yourself. Im here to listen to your music and judge you by how it makes me feel, not go on the internet and judge you in a damn beauty contest and study for hours to tell you apart. Believe it or not, most motherfuckers sound the same kind of stupid with autotune on their voice on every track. All Im saying is if you dont have an identity through just your words (glad some of the best music was heard on radio before tv was invented) Why the hell am I going to want to look into you more as an artist if you dont even have that shit together. Thanks for chipping in though.

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