wtf is going on with hip hop these days?

[Verse 1: Mach-Hommy] Yo you know, you know who you are you know who you is Uh, psh Bhagavad Gita, wider The acetate was fking up the floor mic God cypher Supreme true cypher power your tiger, I’m gucci I walk around the yard sombre and fiber cloth biter Gets ushered out the car follower scheißes, meister, with dk fräulein and Porsche ricers I twist door knobs, cross over thresholds and [?] hikers, vos voiture, expensive water park shark biters Bedknobs and Broomsticks My chimney sweeper shoot your bredren out his pool pit, core sht Clear all stimulators, ma mature sht, warship Check my indicator, got some more ships Now it’s moonlit White mink like Abo A hunnid twenty bit-caps inside a concrete like gravel, don’t grovel You turn your car key, might ka-boom Onomatopoeia, kia The shots reflected like a strobe light, it’s hard to see ya Mamacita she probably get flipped too My temperament is indiscriminate I’ll hit a chick too Vishnu, chakra thot wanna fistful

[Verse 2: Tha God Fahim] Visions of my boots in quick sand and, eject cannons Any of my ops break every commandment Contaminated cells of a minority, die for the glory The block is like a horror story We birds in a golden cage Black sage, bred out of the golden age The sun shows golden rays, hold the gauge Keep it the closest, cause when you see him walking dead the zombies in motion My rhymes are like artifacts left in the ocean Squeeze triggers with no lotion My sht itchin’, stuck-in glitches in the kitchen, playin’ bones at the table Fatal fallacies of soldiers in the field missing I carry on tradition with a poem, a contract for your death that was spoken to tone DUMPGAWD mu-f*ker I’m gone

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