I’m Joey Bada$$ and my newest album ‘2000’ is out now! AMA!

hey joey! I got a signed 'beast coast' poster right when the album dropped, thanks for signing it! i really appreciate it, all of my friends that are into hip hop recognize how huge you are.

since that collab featured two other flatbush rap groups, I was just wondering your thoughts on another; 'winners circle'. Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow blew up pretty big. Do you like their music? or related to their background? I can see how their sound and style is different from yours, but would you ever collaborate with them? I'm not 100% sure but I think Sheff G is locked up right now but gets out pretty soon. it would be wild for him to make a 'first day out' type album with you on a feature.

I love the beats they use and would love to hear a remix (with permission) where you drop a verse on one of their beats, like to hear a version with a joey bada$$ verse on deep end freestyle or 2 fake or breaking bad or something would be crazy

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