Dawg I'm in my early 30s and my brother is early 20s. I asked him to log in to Discord and it was like talking to a boomer. He had to reset his password, which was sent to his email, and then he was forced to reset his emails password because he kept fucking it up. And all this was on a laptop that looked from the 90s, and was one he shared with his GF.

I think there's A LOT of young people now who straight up don't need more than a phone for social media. That was the first time my bro used a computer in months, maybe even a year. He doesn't need one for work and his phone does everything else.

I know this is anecdotal but between my bro and his friends, it feels like growing up with technology made them less curious on how to actually use it where as 5 years before them, we were all growing up figuring computers out.

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