[FIRST IMPRESSIONS] Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers

I have so much to say cause I know I am going to revisit this one a lot-

Mr Morale and the Big Steppers is an oustanding, at times alarming at times somber, and at times painful album to listen to. DAMN. Was was more personal and felt more like a reflection/question-This is arguably Kendrick at his most vulnerable and potent which is crazy to say, because Kendrick has never been one to shy away from who he is, the things he's seen, and most importantly where he comes from. The whole thing either intentionally/ unintentionally sounds therapeutic, which as a black man really made me connect with the album even more so because truth be told we are most in need of therapy.

The production on this is absolutely fantastic. It's no TPAB and even with DAMN. I used to wonder will he ever outdo TPAB, but listening to Mr. Morale; at times with laughter, other times vibing like i got gang ties, and at other times with my eyes wide with shock, Im realizing Kendrick doesn't need/ isn't trying to outdo TPAB. And if Mr. Morale is any indication for the label head he doesn't at all need to. Cause Kung Fu Kenny the Good Kid From The Maad City That Likes to preach with the Panthers who Got loyalty and royalty in his DNA. He's still got it. And personally, I m all in for it.


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