MGK, G-Eazy and now Jack Harlow: The brazen white-rapper progression and Hip-Hop's obsession with them.

Are you joking? You're the one shoving the same peg into every hole. Putting Mac and MGK in the same bracket? That's shoving the same peg into two different holes.

I'm literally talking about the defining characteristics of these rappers (another thing that if I ask you about, you'll admit to again and accuse me of shoving the same peg) and you're the one saying that's generally true of every rapper ever. Ignoring the visible fact. The problem here is that you've not made an effort to read the post properly and have begun half assedly making generalizations. I've mentioned how their catalogue varies.

I've mentioned the characteristics that people hate them for. I've explored the nuances in my post. You're the guy saying all of that is true for every rapper ever. Tell me now, who's shoving the same peg down every hole?

The problem here is that you're most focused on refuting me based on semantics than actually understanding what I'm saying.

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