What is the best artist alias/name in hip-hop?

Yeah this post getting removed quick, but here we go

All of DOOM's aliases, easily the best in the game since they also change the way he approaches music and are just so damn iconic.

  • (MF) DOOM - The classic supervillain mixed with Daniel Dumile, the go to way for Dumile to rap about anything, including his actual life

  • Viktor Vaughn - The younger dude trying to take DOOM's spot, so he upped the amount of rapping on VV1

  • King Geedorah - The space monster relaying messages to DOOM, so Geedorah takes the helm on production occasionally using DOOM as a microphone

  • Madvillain - The DOOM persona but more mad scientist with whatever Madlib was in the All Caps video acting as an equal partner in crime

  • JJ DOOM - Madvillain but British and maybe like Holmes and Watson depending on what you pull from the skits

  • NehruvianDOOM - DOOM's a 4 armed omnipresent spiritual figure guiding Bishop

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