Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

I mean, I said I would be embarrassed. I'm just explaining why that feeling of embarrassment would be present.

Women have that expectation too, it's just in a different form. But Will is man, and a lot of the jokes/criticisms toward will are about his masculinity. So I was speaking on men's expectations.. but gender expectations in general is a whole thread in itself..

We unironically live in a society, so societal gender expectations will play a factor in how we perceive people.

But honestly, I just believe men and women should be able to be more honest about sex in general...

And I'm sure she wasn't going around saying shit like "Lil dick will cant even make me nut". She probably said it in a more respectful way, which is the mature thing to do.


they are celebrities, everything about their lives will be public.

I'm sure one way or another, the media would find out.

Now would you rather have your partner tell you "hey I'm gonna talk about our bedroom struggles on our show" and then do it?


Would you rather find out she's unsatisfied through a tabloid headline?

You can't assume that she didn't tell Will that she was going to talk about their bedroom problems. But being in a successful open relationship requires a lot of communication, so I'm willing to bet that she communicated that she was going to talk about and asked will if he was okay with it.

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