JRE #657 - Corey Knowlton

I listened to the whole podcast...I grew up in the tiniest town you can imagine, smack dab in the middle of rural hunting heaven....and this guy was not being honest about a lot of his statements about hunting in a lot of aspects. Question me on that if you want to debate that further, but for now I am going to just say a few things beyond this guy's nonsense.

Like Ricky Schroder with the Military Industrial Complex and the "Monsanto Shill" who was just on, we have people who are paid well in an industry coming on to give glowing reviews of their industry.

Joe seemingly agrees with these people (which is why he has them on...again, "seemingly"). As a result of this, you get Joe playing a half-assed "devil's advocate" before agreeing whole heartedly with their overall statement.

What was the bad thing that Schroder said about the military? What was the one bad thing that the Monsanto Shill said about Monsanto or GMOs? What was the single thing that this hunter mentioned was wrong with the "hunting for dollars/trophies" model that he enjoys (or any other aspect of hunting)?

What about Joe? Did Joe stand on any counter-points or press for a "Jaime, Google that!" situation on any of these episodes? Did he go into the interview with a counter opinion? Did he leave with one? Did his "devil's advocate" sound like a stoned hippie lady every time? "Hey, maaaan...like, killing animals is wrong, bro!"

When that is the dynamic....two guys who agree on a "controversial subject" with no fact checking and the devil's advocate is a joke/stereotype.....are you being ENTERTAINED, or EDUCATED?

If you are still entertained after Rinella, Shockey, Haynes, and every other hunting evangelist that Rogan can scrape up....the you are obviously a big fan of hunting. If not....I dont know what you are getting out of those shows....but at least they werent as brimming full of misinformation as this one is.

LASTLY, I get sooo tired of hearing how every naysayer is some "loser in his parent's basement". Along with the stoned hippie lady "devil's advocate", it should be easy to see that there is very little room for any other viewpoint than the FACT that the military, GMOs, and every form of conceivable hunting is all without known flaw.

Hard to believe that to be true....hard to believe that Joe believes that is a good interview.....hard to believe people are still applauding shows like this.

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