Just found out my partner is being made redundant, mortgage is doubling, I’m looking after a newborn and supporting my elderly grandmother with dementia.

It’s tough but mortgage rates were never ever going to stay at 1% and 4% is still pretty low - it’s why they recommend making sure you can afford any interest rate rises in the near future. But that doesn’t help you now if you can’t sell. I would try not to panic - you’re at peak employment age - experienced but not too expensive or long in the tooth and you have several months to find new jobs before your husband is out of work and the mortgage goes up. So focus on finding new sources of income for you both - be that childminding while you’re at home, renting out a room. And your husband may have an unattractive commute of jobs are scarce in your area. But you have some time to figure this out. Deep breaths!

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