Just got my Ora GrapheneQ headphones!

Just got them! First impressions right out of the box... I was underwhelmed listening to them with the Bluetooth enabled, so I decided to tinker with my other sources and found my DACmagic XS to sound better. Now, I did do some quick comparisons with my CA Andromeda, and right off the bat, these sounded really damn good, but I was nitpicking the mids on the Ora's. In some tracks, the vocals are recessed in comparison to my Snow White Andromedas (although different sound signature) and the bass on the Ora sometimes overwhelm the music, but I would not want to compare them as they are different from each other. It’s too early to tell right now how I feel about the Ora, but my first early impressions are very, very positive. I will update you guys on the sound in the next few weeks. Happy listening!

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