Keemstar now banned from all things UMG for life

I later said that civilains dying is a tragedy, but you only hear/read what you want. Collateral damage is an unfortunate side of war which will always happen.

It's hard to change a country when there is always scrutiny and reporters around 24/7. What do you think happned in wars before? Do you think it was a one vs one and everyone went there merry way lol. Don't be delusional. Shit happens, don't be a pussy.

You came in here with your panties in a bunch over the whole war situation but this whole thread is about Keemstar and him being a douche. Go argue your points about poor civilians dying and illegal wars somewhere else.

Keemstar was argueing exactly the way you are, and that's totally fine, he then crossed the lines using non factual statements and comments. that's why everyone got mad and after personal attacks to the CEO of UMG got banned. Why is that so hard to understand. you act like another Emo kid that was set off because of things said that didn't even pertain to my posts or the thread that was created.

Keem said some dumb shit and deleted it. Don;t be clouded because he used some facts that you agree with. Keem said some dumbass shit that were nonfactual or only opinions and since deleted them and acted like nothing was said. That's why I said what I said, that's why he was banned.

So essentially you're arguing something that no one here is arguing against. You're bring up points that are besides the actual point of this thread. Good for you for venting, but it's useless here. Not everything revolves around your ideals or opinions. There are far too many people like that nowadays and that's why this world is shit. Not because of wars that have been going on since the beginning of the human race. The are nothing new and have only gotten less brutal but people still cry and complain. It is what it is.

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