As a kid what's the creepiest, most WTF thing you ever noticed about another kid's family?

I was raised in a fairly affluent suburb. My best friend (at the time) was from a rather "odd" family, and by "odd" I mean "white trash". His mother was neurotic, his father kept porn magazines around the house and would spend much of his time at the family computer, door ajar, watching porn. I don't remember if/how he was employed, but the mother certainly wasn't.

The whole house smelled of stale pipe smoke and their yard featured several car husks, along with two jeeps in the driveway without tires. If the neighbors complained, little "accidents" would befall their cars/windows/other property.

When we were around 8, my friend brought a floppy disk to school he got from his dad filled with hardcore pornography (as in bruises the next day for the actresses involved). The entire class would cluster around the class computer whenever the teacher was out and browse through the photo set. This went on for a few days before administration caught on. Again, 8 year olds, dude. It was around that time they pulled him out of all sports ostensibly due to financial issues. He was the best handball goalkeeper we had.

I stopped hanging out with him because his mom would yell at me at seemingly random and freak me out. I was later told that the country's arguably most famous pedophile was his uncle or something and would often sleep over at their house (I saw that man just once while he was being mobbed and beaten up by teenagers, which happened with some frequency due to his notoriety).

My friend later had an aneurysm at 15 while leaving the house to go cruise around on his scooter. He was fine, or at least as fine as his home life would allow. Last time I met him was ten years ago on a bus. He was on his way to buy illegal moonshine. His two kid sisters were mothers before the age of 20.

The rest of the town was filled with upper-middle class families, and a fair amount of wealthy families, including the incumbent president. Theirs wasn't the only dysfunctional family in town, but they were, uh, unique in how their dysfunction manifested.

I'm so glad I no longer live there.

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