So tonight I dumped my boyfriend for being poisoned by The Red Pill.

Because you deleted your original post (why even bother on a throwaway if there wasn't something wrong with it?) I'll post this here:

If he's actually 'abusing' you, as in hurting you physically, then go of course. He is. If you read it, she said, "He has been emotionally abusing me a lot and just recently began heavy phusical [sic] abuse." I also find it offensive that you clarified that the abuse had to be physical for her to have justification to leave. Emotional abuse is real.

there are people that go too far for shock value. I've been on that sub... it goes way beyond shock value. Most people seem to take it to the extreme. If this isn't how you want to be perceived your community needs to rethink its values and stop reinforcing that crap.

a LOT of what TRP says is true for 99% of women during various stages of their life. If you stay with a woman long enough, you will reach her bored stage, her straying stage, her 'shit test' stage, her 'ugh I guess Ill stay he supports me well' stage, and many others. Thanks for stereotyping us (even when you don't seem to like that for yourself or theredpill so much). Or, maybe you just haven't found the right woman yet?

And I will swear on my family, soul, future children on this statement: they all exhibited several key tenants of what TRP talks about. Even if those women did, it doesn't make your methodology any better.

But TRP gives advice on a how a man can have a long term quality relationship with a woman. If men were so much better, so much smarter, so much stronger than women, they wouldn't need TRP advice to not get gut punched so much emotionally by women. I don't want your manipulating bullshit to keep me in a relationship (and if you don't see the manipulating going in TRP, you're blind). I don't need or want you to assert your dominance and take charge in the relationship. I don't want you to hide your problems from me because it might make you vulnerable. I want you. The real you. A relationship should be a team. If you're getting "punched emotionally" by a woman then GET OUT of the relationship instead of keeping up a facade of dominance and dragging out the relationship when it clearly isn't working.

dont blame TRP. TRP is what guys that aren't happy turn to, sometimes to fix it, sometimes to gain the upper hand, and sometimes to learn while they plan their escape (dumping you). Its just a byproduct of what hes feeling with you IMO. If TRP is a byproduct of unhappy guys than it's no wonder the values that are preached in there are so messed up.

Many mature posters will boil down their advice to 'Stay fit. Stay active. Stay exciting. Make progress in life, hobby, and include your GF, but do not FOCUS on your GF.' You cant argue with the basics of it. Then, please, help fix that sub's culture. If that's what you're promoting I'm all for it. But that isn't what I see on that sub now. I see men playing and strategizing women like a chess game.

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