Kinda disappointed in some of what I see on this sub

Your religion members have been killing us for years and even today. And I'm not talking about some randoms like ISIS, I'm talking about Muhammad's closest family and friends: take a look at this map

Tons of Christian communities wiped out in the above. Gone from existence. The great Christian schools of Alexandria, Egypt? And their Coptic descendants today? Well, now they are blown to chunks on Palm Sunday. Gone from your "Prophets" friends' armies. And then your armies' incursions have continued into Europe for what? 1300 years trying to invade my ancestors?

I have little sympathy that you're bothered by our anti-Muslim streak. Give me a good reason why Christians, Hindus, Jews, and Zoroastrians shouldn't be "Islamiphobic" when it's been centuries of constant invasions from Empires where Islam was the official religion and law of the land.

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