Kroger, With 11 Million Customers Daily, Says No To Vaccine Requirement For Workers

Exactly. All this precaution is just weakening people's immunity. Compared to actual viruses, this one is nothing to be afraid of. If hospitals have time to make stupid tiktok videos, flaunting about how they're God's chosen to save the Earth, then it's obviously not that bad. Yeah people have died from this, but people die from everything. Obviously with over 8 billion people in the world, not all of them are going to be in the best of health.

People got tired of it, rioted at the Capitol for this past year of just ridiculous government dictation and now are called domestic terrorists when really, there were real domestic terrorists months back destroying and burning down buildings in BLM protests. They blamed Trump for the Capitol even though he said to stop the rioting and to peacefully protest but got censored. Now the dimwits that only have it in mind that orange man bad are happy that he's censored meanwhile we're losing our freedom of speech on social platforms because of these private companies that can put whatever they want in their policies along with stealing our data.

People are so brainwashed they think this is all good but you can't deny that these social media sites are a primary source where people discuss anything political in today's age. If they knowingly succeeded with censoring a man that is still currently the president of the US, then who is to stop them from censoring us too? Which they already have been doing. It's only getting worse. This is how a democracy falls.

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