True Indology's Twitter account suspended moments after IPS officer D Roopa says 'your time is up'

I don't know which country you reside in (Pakistan?) but my dear most Hindus in fact read Gita & know a thing or two about the teachings of Hinduism, atleast here in India. In fact almost every Hindu household owns a copy

You must surely be living in Pakistan at this point, because here in India everybody with a primary education knows who Samudragupta & Shivaji are

This is strictly speaking from personal experience

I doubt even half of them would know how many chapters are there in the Gita. Having some idea isn't really any better. Half of them won't know what moksha is.

And not even 10% would know about Samudragupta. If you pick up any random 20 yo guy on the street and ask him who he is I'm willing to bet money he doesn't know him. But everyone knows Akbar.

You couldn't be more wrong.

You wasted your time writing all that. Does he know the vedas or does he not.

According to your words knowledge of the vedas is what makes someone a Hindu right. Well Ravan knows them. So he's a Hindu according to your version of Hinduism. I'm fully aware of what he has done. But your version of hinduism applies to him.

Which is why I'm saying your actions and morals are what make you a Hindu.

Aurangzeb didn't have knowledge of the vedas so you can't compare him to Raavan.

In short, yes. Vedas are a the pramaana of Hinduism. Even when 3 of the 6 darshanas reject the supremacy of Brahma, none of them reject Vedas. Because all of the traditions of Hinduism find their source in Vedas. In fact the very definition of mleccchha is one who rejects the Vedic rites. So unless yours is a new breed of Hinduism where all Hindus should be circumcised & kiss the cross, Vedas are the source & the authority of Hinduism

It seems you're having reading comprehension issues.

I precisely said if the chains of narrations of one of the vedas like the Yajur Veda had been lost. Would nobody be able to be a Hindu today since you need to read all the vedas to be a Hindu?

Instead of answering that you instead go on a mindless rant answering an imaginary question which nobody asked.

The rest of your rant just shows your intellectual inadequacy in full, all the while failing to answer the question how does TI fit in your scheme of upholding righteousness

I told you. Hindu renaissance. Righteousness for me is helping Hindus understand the dangers they face today.

TI helps a lot in spreading awareness for that. If that isn't a good enough reason for you, then I'm sorry but I see it as a good enough reason to support him.

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