The last makeup store in the world is closing in 2 hours. What 7 items would you take?

I think for a makeup apocalypse I'd try to just have fun with my last seven products before the world went to hell.

Urban Decay Electric reboot palette maybe? Maybe the Mercury Retrograde by Huda Beauty. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance since I see it all the time on panporn and it seems like it lasts a while. And Melt Smoke Sessions because I guess I'll need some green and I'll play up the marijuana aesthetic in this new makeup free world. And some Covergirl clumpcrusher mascara and liquid eyeliner because that's what I like so why change it while the world ends. And Nars orgasm blush since that lasts forever.

Like maybe wear the makeup as war paint, play up color and weirdness more. It seems like makeup free society would just turn to one where skin health and perfections get weirdly overvalued so might as well give up on foundation and any attempts to cover up flaws in the transition period lol.

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