Can the pulling your eyes back to look “foxy” stop

~Kids singing~

My mother’s Chinese! (Slant eyes up) My father’s Japanese! (Slant eyes down) Look what happened to me! (Slant one eye up and one eye down)

Im a white/Asian mixed kid and it’s awkward as hell to think about now. Buuut I’m not that upset by these poses and I never considered it before coming to this thread. I’m not really upset by this exaggerated pose, it makes me a little sad for the kid-me thinking about that song tho.

I don’t feel these makeup photos are in jest of Asians and their eyes. If they did it would be different imo. I member ppl bullying black kids with big lips, now look at how that industry boomed haha. I think the pulled eye look shame to vain trend is a hard one for me to be upset about.

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