It was a last stand for the last stand round 4 begins

With the exception of X2 I feel like almost every single x-men movie is an incomplete product that ranges from either being truly awful or fails to stick the landing as a competent adaptation (which I guess isn't always the point, but still. Even the worse Avengers movie does a good job presenting you the Avengers in a thought-out way that doesn't discount major characters or character dynamics). It was beyond frustrating for me that LOGAN went with clone-Wolverine instead of Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth (Origins was garbage but he was rad), and while DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is generally a cool movie, the Sentinels were a waste and we got a grand total of zero scenes of Wolverine slicing them up with metal claws, which is insane when you say that out loud. I also hate how everyone in the post-apocolyptic scenes has perfect hair with perfect costumes that have zero wear and tear on them, but admittedly that is a very nitpicky thing. Also THE WOLVERINE is a rare feat where you have a very good movie that is rightfully remembered and regarded as awful just because of the last 20 minutes.

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