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Many of us have held on for three years now and watched our favorite X-Man be written in a way that we do not enjoy. Many of us were initially excited to see her return to the mantle of Captain Britain which was taken from her so atrociously and violently years ago, but this ride has been far from interesting or fun. The writing of Betsy and her supporting cast along with their storylines is often way off-character and extremely rushed with no real satisfying payoff. Also, the use of this character's formidable and diverse psychic powers is basically non-existent at this point. This character showed so much potential upon reconstructing her rightful body during Mystery in Madripoor, and we began to see integration and self-actualization of who Betsy was pre-body swap and who she could be with all those experiences, including East Asian martial arts, along with her diverse arsenal of psychic powers and displays of those powers. She had truly become her own person and integrated all of the good and bad that had happened to her both canonically and editorially.

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