X-Men: Apocalypse - Official Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

  1. whats up with storm's accent.
  2. coming from someone who loved DoFP, i am abit disappointed, but not suprised.
  3. i expect to see awesome mutant teamwork like DoFP opening scene, but nope.
  4. while fassbender acting is great, the whole "my wife and daugther is dead so maybe i cant be good" thing is just sloppy.
  5. so, in the end professor and magneto just shake hand and say goodbye? ok.
  6. i know storm turned on apoc because she see mystique as a hero, but that idea can be done better.
  7. i dont find myself rooting for the new cyclops, as much as i want to.
  8. the costume they wear during the final battle came from their enemies? dafuq?
  9. i am no cinemasins, but the "good guy made a mistake and accidentally woke the bad guy" is such a cliche.
  10. during the explosion, no one show their power (accidentally or intentionally) except quicksilver? really? it felt like jean, scott and nightcrawler is the only few with powers in the whole mansion. i thought we will at least see some cool powers.
  11. i really hate apoc. everytime he speaks i cringe a little. the 4 horsemen recruit felt so rush its worse than first class azazel "welp my boss is dead so i gotta join another lunatic"
  12. the horsemen is so incredibly underused.
  13. who are the guys betraying apoc in the ancient time? what is his real power? he seems to really like to push other people to the wall.
  14. jean's power confuse the hell out of my friend. i know she is "the phoenix" from xmen last stand, but in this movie the didnt even bother explain her power, why she's there or what is her real struggle. they just make her keep saying "i cant control my power"
  15. the thing i hate most about bvs happened too. which is cringey traileresque dialogue. when apoc say the "everythin they build will fall" line it came out of nowhere.
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