What us something you would like to see mutants do with their gifts?

With most base needs taken care of I would love to see non combat oriented mutants or popular characters that aren't on a team spread into the arts and home made products. Something like Bling opening a jewelry shop or Ugly Jhon becomeing a singer then theres Colossus' paintings. People and there friends would trade goods that only they could make or get.

I want to see cipher and the planet mutants get together and just commune with the island. There's apparently one who grows a power boosting fruit so how about he and the others get together and make helpful non addictive versions to give to healers.

Speaking on healers I'd like an actual hospital or medical school, hell any type of school really, where they work on there craft and experiment with there powers for human and mutant benefit.

I really hope this isn't seen as offensive but I have this idea about resurrection being used for gender reassignment. I dont want to get to deep on all the different caveat and finer points I'd be typing all day. I just want to say that if handle well it could be a really interesting storyline and bit of world building with crucible.

I kind of want to see mutant expansion on earth they could terraform hazardous zones to build human mutant cohabitation.

Lastly my ship idea.

The Saber of Okkara

The Heart. The ship would be bulit around the External Gate witch would act as power source,weapon, and teleporter. Access to the flow of power would need to be handled by a psychic or energy manipulator.

The body The sabers maine body would be made of mysterum with a Krakkoa jr pod grown inside creating a sealed habitat maintained by mutants with plant abilities

The Spark A mini Arbor magnum with a stock of pre grown husks for quick crew resurrection.

Crew Recommendations:

Captain Hope Or Vulcan

Vice captain Cortez

Navigation Hijack Dryad (Callie Betto) 

Medic Triage

Habitat operation, helmsman Gregor Smerdyakov

Communications One of the Cuckoos

Shields Petra

Ground crew/secondary jobs Glob(chef) Match two Jimmy Hudson Surge Boom boom Sway Marrow Darwin

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