"Revolution" Cyclops was just a nervous breakdown according to Magneto. No one contradicts him. Are we supposed to believe him?

If I’m remembering correctly, Marvel’s official stance is that “Revolutionary Cyclops” was a front that Cyclops was putting on in order to try the system into forcing positive change for mutants. He wasn’t really committed to going anywhere near classic Magneto’s tactics, he just wanted the humans to think he was. At heart, he was still the same Cyclops as always, just trying a new approach

Personally? I think that’s a very cop-out answer that devalues the character development Cyclops went though. Worse still, I think Marvel sees it as an easy way of making Cyclops “good again”. I HATE this notion because it implies that Cyclops was ever had to begin with.

Cyclops was right yet Marvel’s official stance is that he was not a good guy during his “revolution” phase, and that’s such BS. Marvel’s hatred for the X-Men during much of the 2010s was annoying AF for X-Men fans

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