uncanny Xmen cyclops and wolverine. what did cyclops do to the xmen that was so bad?

1.Scott was right about phoenix coming to save mutants

  1. Scott wasn’t right when he believed he is able to control phoenix. He even told “jean” on the moon she would never be able to control phoenix the way he can. He had a chance to give phoenix to hope but he said she doesn‘t deserve it. Also many fans didn’t like what Scott did to Emma.

3.I kinda don’t blame mutants for being mad at scott for killing Xavier. I mean for many of them he was some kind of a father figure so it’s obvious his death shocked everyone.

  1. Emma summed up them pretty well. Phoenix five believed they can play gods but at the end they were the ones were burned.

  2. Aaron’s writing shouldn’t be a canon. Especially when he writes phoenix or mutants.

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