Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Municipal Violations

This is also a case of politicians knowing but not giving a fuck. As a younger man I used to think, "if only they knew, then "x" would change". However they do know. They know the cost of jail, they know the loss of freedom is going on, they know private companies grow rich on the backs of the down trodden. This is a case of kick backs and money going into private pockets where the money coming out of the cities purse is of no consequence. Do not be mistaken, they know. However, population control is the win here, money going into campaigns and pockets is the win here, and the continued saddling of societies burden to those groups who are overwhelmingly made up of less educated and financially weaker minority groups (of all shades) is the win here. No arguing or bitching will fix it. Things like this are why we go to war with other nations. No rational debate will win out, no well worded speech will bring reason back to the table. These are the same assholes waging the drug war, the same assholes who ship guns by the truck load to Mexico and complain that they ship marijuana here, the same assholes who allowed us to go to war with Iraq and then allowed the leaders who decided to grow richer through their corporate backgrounds with no bid contracts, and the list goes on and on. In any event, force is required at this point. For those who would say otherwise, picture even the peaceful protests that are now met with dogs and gas, turning almost every modern event into a usually dog free version of "Selma". If the pictures of our riots were from another nation, most would yell out, "we should go help them!" "Look at that bullshit!". Who is going to help us? Imagine what they will do when we really want change? We need to change it. We are, "we the people", and sadly our government more often than not no longer reflects us. We the people should be running our nation.

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