Offended by Words - Doug Stanhope

I will throw an upvote your way because I actually truly believe in what Doug is saying...

It's my strong opinion that words, thoughts and ideas doesn't merit an emotional or violent response. If you look at conflicts, actual conflicts, then like 99,99999% of them are the physical manifestation of conflicting thoughts and if people evolved enough to rise above it we would eliminate the vast majority of wars, assaults, etc. Getting upset from sounds or thoughts another ape produces is just plain dumb and escalating that conflict to coconut throwing is even dumber. That's just the way it is. People are far too sensitive and that's why we have terrorist acts, racial violence, gender wars and all this unnecessary drama that is ruining this world one sandy vagina at a time.

What's the alternative? Well how about if we just mind our own fucking business and "live and let live"? It shouldn't be that hard but it is because of all these overly sensitive psychotic pussies that are trying to save the world from what is essentially different forms of "rude people" by blowing the limbs off of little children or ruining people's lives but getting them fired, and so on. These assholes are crazy and the world would be a better place without them. Like split earth in the middle and put the sensitive bunch on side and the "rude" but tolerant people on the other and come back in a 100 years and check how they're doing - I can guarantee you the sensitive bunch would be living in a dystopian society with mind control and shit while the other side would've evolved to a interstellar species that have rid themselves of starvation and is going to work on flexible work hours dressed in jammies if they so god damn please.

You have to grow the fuck up and take personal responsibility for your feelings and that's ultimately what "tolerance" is. And "sensitivity" is the complete opposite of that.

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