Late night store Clerks, what is the strangest things that's happened on the job?

Worked at a busy gas station off the interstate for about a year and a half, it was pretty quiet mostly. The occasional crackhead and drug dealer...But for a while I was being profiled by a sexual predator posing as a lonely homeless dude. He just came in to talk mostly, he didn't have a lot of teeth so he was hard to understand but from what I could make out out was all harmless chit chat and I felt bad for him so I would humor him if I had time. Then he started commenting on my appearance, calling me beautiful, telling me I had a nice smile, things I had heard from other customers (which isn't bad, but it's kinda uncomfortable sometimes). I brushed it off for the most part. Then he would buy me meals from the restaurant attached to our store. I would accept, but not actually eat them because stranger danger. Soon he started calling me sexy...that was gross and alarming. At this point I would hide in the back room or the cooler if I saw him heading into the store, but only if there was someone to man the register while I hid, which was not always. He really made me and the other female employees very uncomfortable. One night it was just me in the store and he came in and told me he had a surprise for me. I noped the fuck out to the pumps to switch places with the fuel attendant (we have those in Oregon because it's illegal to pump your own gas here, don't ask me why). Then this guy comes back a week or so later asking me if the cameras record audio as well as video, that is all he asked, I tell him yes, watch him leave, and I called my manager. She 86ed him from the store and we soon found out he was a registered sex offender (repeat!!!) And had been known to prey on girls as young as 13. I never saw him again after that but I always made sure to get walked out to my car and carry pepper spray if I worked late.

TLDR; creepy homeless man turned out to be rapist, tried targeting me, creepiness ensued, rapist was banned from the store for life. I was not raped!

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