At least it isn’t smokey.

I just love how everybody is shocked about the snow like it's a valid conversation topic every. single. damn. year.

It's like I'm living in bizarro world. Yes, it's snowing. Yes, it's cold. You knew this was coming. It's been happening since you were a little kid. Why are there so many accidents every damn morning on the highways. You live in Alberta, Canada. Learn to appreciate winter instead of being miserable about it every single year. Accept that it will be winter for half of the year, maybe more.

The temperature is lower and there is white stuff falling from the sky. IT'S NOT A BIG FUCKING DEAL. MAYBE IT SHOULD BE AN OUNCE OF JOY TO YOUR MISERABLE EXISTENCE. I'm sure you all have heat in your house and heat in your car and enough clothes to stay comfortable outside.

It's just so annoying seeing everybody flick a mental switch and like clockwork the radio stations say the same shit every year. It's like a damn Groundhog Day movie. GET OVER IT.

What is not to love about building snowmen, snowball fights, seeing the joy of a child's face when they see the first snow fall, christmas, festive lights, rosy cheeks, crisp air, skating, skiing, snowshoeing, family traditions, hot chocolate, sledding, eggnog, warm baths, carolers.

To me, Winter is the most magical time of year and brings warm feelings to my heart without fail.

Now, if you actually have Seasonal Affected Disorder (which I doubt, because it's fucking rare), then maybe see a doctor and get put on a medication plan. Otherwise, SUCK IT UP PUSSY.

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