Let me get that for you, you clumsy ape!

I don't generally approve of rankings like this. Intelligence is a concept that has been misunderstood by the whole culture and it's had some strange, stupid and downright horrible consequences.

Our idea of intelligence comes from an assumption that was made when the modern school system was still relatively young. When tested, certain kids seemed to perform better not just on one kind of task but on all tasks across the board, which led educators to assume that there might be some X Factor that made people better or worse in literally anything they attempted. This hypothesis got really popular in the mainstream because people love things that make them better than everyone. The attempt to measure this X Factor, which had now become the modern meaning of Intelligence led to the severe misuse of the IQ test as some general Intelligence test.

The thing is that we aren't this simple. The correlation in success can be explained in terms of nurture. The entire idea was one big misattribution error, educators only saw the success or failure of pupils, not their histories. Of course a rich kid with tutors would perform better than someone poorer, of course a kid that had a good work ethic instilled in it would be more successful than a lazy one, none of this was genetic.

We ought to recognize that mental abilities are not stats in an RPG. Intelligence isn't one category but the sum of a million abilities that all interplay. We are good at some of them due to our genetic makeup and can become good at some others through training but there are also types we can never master which we like to ignore out of pride. A dog can outperform any human in, to use a clumsy term, smell Intelligence, for example.

If you are interested in the topic, I suggest you listen to this lecture: Myths of The American Mind: Smartness

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