This is Kooga, he has arthritis in his shoulders, but his friend Sidney is giving him a little shoulder massage

I live in a state where it’s legal and we go to the dog park all the time so we hear stories and it’s surprisingly frequent for a pup to get into someone’s stash and get stoned. That said, I have literally never once heard of the dog needing it’s stomach pumped or to stay at the vet for any time more than thirty minutes. Literally not once. Maybe your vet just didn’t know what to do or was trying to scam you.

If the doggo legitimately needed their stomach pumped it was probably because of the tar. No you absolutely shouldn’t give your dog weed but sometimes accidents can’t be avoided. That said thc is less toxic to dogs than alcohol is to humans, and while scary and potentially dangerous if your dog starts throwing up, shouldn’t result in an overnight at a hospital with a 3,000$ bill. I’ve never once heard of anything like this. Thc is certainly not good for dogs but it’s “toxicity” is extremely mild :)

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