Lockdowns didn't correlate to saved lives. Remember that as your power hungry politicians tell you their totalitarian solutions are "for your own good". Here is a list of countries that didn't lock down.

I'm from Uruguay, using Uruguay as an example of "you can do well without a lockdown" is a little misleading, because it depends on the circumstances, we did lockdown for a month or so, because the people were responsible, only that it was not mandatory, the president said he was absolutely not willing to press charges against those who go out to earn money for the day.

Also, now we can have the luxury of having the country functioning almost as normal again only because the virus is very well contained, we only have from 10 to 20 new cases each day(some days even less), and the Ministry of Public Health does an amazing job at contact tracing, they do their best to trace all the people who were in contact with new positive cases, and then put them in a mandatory lockdown, so basically, you can do well without a lockdown only if:

-the virus is not spreading too much

-the people is responsible and take all precautionary measures

-your government is doing things the right way

if none of those are met, then having a country functioning as normal with the virus spreading too much is recipe for disaster, like the USA and Brasil

(sorry I'm not a conspirationist, I'm only in this post because Uruguay is mentioned)

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