Looking for Group Monday (January 21, 2019)

Looking for an EU Alliance guild, PvP realm.

Looking for a guild raiding from around 7pm/6:30pm UK time since I'm in the UK (8pm/7:30pm CET).

I will be playing druid, would much prefer to play feral offtank but planning on gearing up resto as well. I have previous raid tank experience on retail from Cata through to Legion as DK, also played Warrior, Monk and DH occasionally but I don't feel like doing the warrior grind in Classic.

I started playing WoW in Cata, before that I raided as the top DPS in my medium-hardcore guild (Hunter) in LOTRO and before that I was one of the top ranked PvPers on my server in Star Wars Galaxies.

I'm a student so I intend to nolife the launch and be at 60 in the first 7-10 days, looking for a serious raiding guild.

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