Looking for Group Monday (June 03, 2019)


We're **<Rising>**! A new semi-hardcore raiding guild playing Horde on an EU-PVP server.


We have all been waiting a long time for Classic WoW and we are looking to build our roster of players now so that we can really hit the ground running.

The main focus of our guild will be to build a community of friendly players that are keen to help each other and get the most enjoyment out of Classic. We believe that having a group of supportive players will be a huge benefit in Classic as there is such a focus on cooperative play.

When you are levelling, we want a community to be there to help you with that quest or to kill that Alliance dog who has been corpse camping you. At endgame, we want to gear up together and have fun doing so.


We plan to start endgame content as soon as we can. We intend to host raids on Monday, Thursday and Sunday 20:30 - 11:30 CET for progression raids, although I do not expect we will need all 3 days to clear the current content (at the start).

If you do sign up we expect you to be on time and prepared. That said, by no stretch of the imagination are we a hardcore raiding guild that’s pushing for world firsts or expecting players to sink every minute of their time into Classic. We're all a bit older now with life stuff going on. Our goal is to clear the content before the next patch roles out but also enjoy it, so know your class and bring your best.

Although the guild is young we're starting to get a core raiding team together, at the moment our preference on roles for new raiders are:

- Strong - Restoration Shaman

- Strong - Mage

- Strong - Fury Warrior

- Medium - Warlock

- Medium - Restoration Druid

- Weak - Hunter

- Weak - Holy Priest

- Weak - Rogue

However if you see your class listed as weak priority or even closed, we are always open for exceptional candidates and will will be taken into consideration.

We're running a Loot Council system for raiding with the goal to be as transparant as possible. While we know this can be a turn off for new members we want to make sure that the loot that is distributed is fair and also rewarding for those who are loyal, attendant and good members of our community.

We also have future plans for alt raids, however this is much further down the line.

_**Other guild activies**_

Whilst our main focus will be on raiding we also plan to host some PvP events. A lot of our current guild members and I love Classic's PvP content! We are hoping to do some World PvP, Battlegrounds and to raid a capital cities.

There has also been an expressed interest for twinks by current members. So I imagine we will have a community on this as well.

_**Member expectations**_

We only expect members to be friendly to each other, are willing to help their fellow guildies and can have a laugh while doing so. If you're raiding then we have seperate expectations such as turning up and so on.

If you feel like this could be the guild for you then please visit our website https://rising.shivtr.red/.

Additionally, if you have any questions, or would just like to have a chat please do contact us directly on discord @[Rising] Boo#0059, @GlenCoco#3702, @mizi#3868 or @QFierced#7447.

**Lok'tar Ogar!**

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