Lost in Translation, Sushma Remark on Balakot Leads Pakistan to Claim Vindication. A media report erroneously translated her claim that no sainik or nagrik had been killed in the airstrike as 'no soldier or citizen died in Balakot', prompting a triumphal reaction from the Pakistani military.

hiding the bomb site for more than a month etc

We took journalists to the bomb site the very next day. And then all Satellite reports confirmed you didn't hit anything. Of course we didn't allow them free access, JeM is there and we don't want foreign press to find them.

changing stances on no of pilots

We were doing press briefs as things happened in the field. That was merely incorrect reports from field units. We corrected our stance as soon as picture became clear that we had only one man Abhinandan who needed medical assistance after getting thrashed by a mob.

Of course it's FoW and our narrative isn't 100% true. Especially the part about shooting down a SU-30 but mainly because we don't have any proof to corroborate our claims. But comparatively, judging by third party reports, Our stance has been the more credible one out of the two. Don't believe me? Pick up any third party coverage.

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