What is something you 100% believed for years that you ended up realising is false?

Before I tell you the secret I’m going to give you some background. So I’m in middle school my 6th grade year and our home ec teacher leaves to travel the world with our one of our wrestling coaches, but our wrestling coach stays. Anyways eventually a new teacher enters the plane to replace her. A strangely attractive, and stupid teacher that didn’t know what she was doing. As old teachers left, only a very specific type would come in. Young attractive blonde haired and blue eyed. I always wondered how any of them would get jobs since none of them knew what they were doing. I wondered that until one eventual month me and my friend decide to make a Schoology with some illicit things going on within it. Mainly innopropriate jokes directed at our angst against our school staff but some more illegal things also. Eventually me and my friend were called down to the office about said Schoology. After a lot of bullshit talk and trying to weasel my way out of things, they leave me alone with our principle. Out of things to say or do, I quickly splurt out “I know the real reason you been hiring all these new teachers and keeping them around” He starts with “What are you talking about” to “How do you know about that”. After this new found revelation I simply said “if you don’t get me in trouble with any higher authorities, ill leave right now” the man just waves me out. In case some of you guys don’t get this. My principle, the chief hiring officer for our school. Was getting his duck wet by hiring dumb bimbos that fit his type.

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