Low elo jungle

You will be blamed for literally everything in every single game by most laners who are insecure and garbage. If they lose 1v1? Your fault, always: "I had it so nice set up for you bro come gank me" 1000x per game.

Laners don't realize you need levels and farm from jungle, laners don't realize junglers path down or up or do sequential clears, laners don't realize there are objectives both top and bot, and laners don't know that there are 2 other lanes than theirs.

If you can laugh off abuse, then just ignore them, otherwise if you get distracted by being verbally abused and berated by everyone on your team every single game you ply you need to /mute all every game to avoid losing focus.

If someone is 0-2-0 in lane and 2 levels behind their opponent, ignore that lane unless you are 100% sure you can 1v1 their lane opponent.

If your team wants you to do dragons while every lane is 0-2, fuck that, farm your jungle and get yourself strong. If you lose despite being fed from farm you would have lost anyway with useless laners so don't even worry about it.

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