I’m not sure if I want to continue dating my boyfriend

My partner and I were 4 hours apart for the first 6 months we were dating, and I would take a full weekend a month and stay with him. I'd come down Friday morning and leave Monday night so we'd get quality time. He was a student and I was living with my parents and working full time. Whenever he was up visiting family, you bet your ass I made time to see him even if it was an hour from where I lived still. Fuck, at one point I even had my schedule flipped from nights to morning shifts so I could see him more often

When he moved back and started a day shift job, he'd stay up until 1am so he could talk to me after I got off work because he missed hearing my voice. He'd stay out late and visit where I worked (30 minutes away from his home), just to see me for 5 minutes some days

When someone actually loves you, a 20 minute drive means nothing. He's disrespecting you, your family and your relationship. He's a jerk who'd rather do drugs with his friends than go to a museum with his girlfriend. You're close to my age, don't waste another second on this moron. You know what you want, don't settle for some older loser who can't even pretend to appreciate you.

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