I’m shocked!

Oh, she’ll have the abortion. All this performative anxiety is just a show. She’s not gonna have the kid , FFS. She just wants attention. Otherwise why would she be a single mother fucking around and never being on birth control? She secretly has unresolved daddy issues and she just wants to be seen. She has literally nothing else going on in her life, I can promise you that. This is her chance to have a spotlight on her for a hot minute. But I promise you, once the bills start coming in, she’ll realize that the fantasy is not a reality and she will go to the abortion clinic. I hate these performative antics with these irresponsible women who’ve “never “been on birth control. And surely their partners can’t be bothered to put a fucking condom on or have a vasectomy, oh heaven forbid. Of course Ms. Daddy Issues would never choose a guy with a vasectomy, that would defeat the whole purpose of her performative, needy antics

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