M4F: Masturbation

I'll have a go at answering this in a comment, bear in mind this is my first reddit post/comment...

So first of all I'm bi but prefer girls, but I just love masturbating. I love how it feels to rub my breasts and clit and just get so turned on imagining myself either with a guy or girl. I love just fantasizing and mentally working myself up.

I normally begin by playing with and gently rubbing my breasts and nipples, usually imaging a sexy girl sucking them and kissing them. This makes me really wet and I have to hold back from moaning even just at this point (don't want family in house to hear me!) Then I usually work my way down my body, rubbing and caressing etc until I reach my panties, which I slip off, and start rubbing my clit in circles.

It makes me want to moan when I slip my hand between my pussy lips and I'm absolutely soaking with cum from being turned on. At this point I sometimes even lick some of my juices off my own fingers, just because I find it so arousing. I keep squeezing and rubbing my nipples whilst I circle my wet clit and slip my fingers into my pussy lips.

Then by this point the feeling of pleasure down there is usually building, and I have an intense desire to be fucked, hard. I keep circling my clit as I slip two fingers into my vagina and start fingering myself, moving them in and out, whilst I imagine a gorgeous and hot girl kissing my stomach and sucking my erect nipples.

I keep fingering my wet pussy and playing with myself etc and eventually cum. I usually cum quietly as I live with family so have to keep quiet, but if I am home alone I usually moan fairly loudly because it feels so good to make myself cum!

After having an orgasm (usually a succession of many smaller orgasms) I usually find I have left a wet patch of my cum on my blankets so have to lick my fingers clean then clean up the mess on my bed. It might seem weird but I really love tasting myself and love sucking my own cum-covered fingers after fingering my self to orgasms, and love imagining what another girl would taste like

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